Useful Tax Forms

Useful tax forms and information from HMRC

Starter checklist – if you’re an employer, every time you take on a new employee, ask him or her to complete this form. You should keep the completed and signed form, as it should provide most of the information you need to set the employee up on your payroll software, and will determine the tax code to use in the absence of a P45.

P46(car)  – if you’re an employer and provide a company car to any of your employees, including directors, you must complete this form when you first provide an employee with a car which is available for private use, and again when you either provide them with an additional car, replacement car or withdraw their car without replacing it.

CWG2 – this online document is for employers and provides more detailed PAYE and National Insurance contribution (NICs) information, in case you need it.

P9X– this 2 page document sets out what tax code changes employers need to make at the 5th of April, together with details of the emergency code and tax rates for 2018/19.

VAT484– use this form to advise HM Revenue & Customs of changes to any aspect of the business circumstances on your VAT registration.

Please note, all of these forms and information are publicly available from government websites.

However, we would advise that before you act on any of the information contained therein, you seek appropriate professional advice.

Likewise, it is always a good idea to double check that the forms you fill in have been completed correctly. We’ve included these forms as a useful resource for you, but we’re always more than happy to fill them in on your behalf, help you complete them or check them once you have completed them.

You will always be responsible for any forms or returns which you sign or confirm have been completed on your behalf.